Loading Error, Session did not load successfully

I have setup the Ardour 8.1.0 on a new laptop (Lubuntu), and wanted to open a session which I had copied from another laptop. Upon starting the .ardour file I get the following “Loading Error”, can some one help me solving this loading problem? I appreciate any help!

Session "/home/amte/Zeug/STH0 (snapshot STH0)" did not load successfully:
Cannot initialize session/engine: Audio/MIDI Engine is not running or sample-rate mismatches.

---ERROR: Unexpected exception during session setup: negative distance in timecnt constructor
ERROR: Patch without patch name list - patchfile will be ignored

There’s no easy fix for this other than to make the session available to me for inspection. Use an archive tool (zip, tar, whatever you prefer) to archive the entire session folder and somehow make it available for download. You can message me privately via paul@linuxaudiosystems.com

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I would also strongly suggest you check that the current version (8.6) still has this issue. There are free/demo versions at nightly.ardour.org or Download Ardour | Ardour Community which you can parallel install with any distro version.

There were 3 regions in your sessions with illegal/impossible lengths. I’ve deleted them, and the session now loads. I can send you back the modified session file if you wish.

I do not know how these regions were created. They have start positions within a file that is beyond the end of the file. This ought not to be possible.

I appreciate your help, and would be very thankful if you send me the session to the email address amiratwork22@gmail[dot]com

And as far as I know, the session worked fine on the old computer (it also is not some thing fancy, a very basic session). Do you have any Idea/Tip how this could have happened (getting regions with impossible lengths? What it is by the way?). The only thing I did, was to copy the whole session from the old hard-disk to the new computer.

Regards, Amir