Loading error - corrupt session

Hi! I was working on a session when the power went off, now I cannot open it. Apparently the midi region I was editing is now causing conflict, and searching the forum I see some people tweaking the ardour files to trick the loading process but I cannot seem to know how to do it properly.

loading error

I need some help here :cry:

Session files:

I’m on Windows 10.

The session file you have uploaded loads here just fine:

Looking at the .ardour session file in a text editor, the source 241067 is also present. So this is mysterious.

Are the other session snapshots (*.ardour) files in
C:\Users\PC\Documents\Proyectos vaio\U should\ ?

Yes the other files are in there


Cannot try opening the session in another PC or OS, but other projects load fine :thinking:

Can the *.history files act as backups? I could definitely live without the last save :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your time Robin.

Is there maybe other way around here? :frowning:

Nope. those are undo/redo data. the .bak files are backups.

Oh that’s great info, but how should I access them? double clicking on the .bak file gets me to Ardour’s recent sessions window from where I can only open .ardour files :confused:

Also if there is some “line” I can just erase from the .ardour file to be able to open the project… that would be cool :sweat_smile:

I was looking for that in the session file you posted. Removing all regions referencing id=241067 should do the trick (it’ll be blocks <Region ...> </Region>).

Yet the File you have uploaded does have Source for the given region.

In the Recent Session dialog, you can list all available snapshots (small triangle on the left expands and shows all of them). I suspect that the snapshot you have uploaded (“U should 90”) will still load, and only “94” is corrupted.

Other than that. simply rename the ...ardour.bak file to .ardour to load it.


Ok! got everything up and running again, thank you so much!

Once opened the session showed no trace of the midi region I was manipulating last time, but even more another midi region that was untouched for weeks just disappeared, so I can guess that was the one I just deleted from the .ardour file and the one I was working on just never made it there.

Anyway recovered the missing region from another place and now I can go on. Sooo relieved :sweat_smile:


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