Loading Ardour 2.8.16 sessions withing Ardour3

I tried to open a Session created with Ardour 2.8.16. It has about 60 tracks and busses and a lot of automation. At first it did not find some files and when I ignored them loading the session failed completly. Is this supposed to work normally?
Are there any known restrictions?

Erdie: the full list of errors would be helpful. the announcement for 3.0 did note that 3.0 will load most 2.x sessions, but I do expect there to be some corner cases.

My suggestion is:
I will provide a recursive file list of the whole project, the content of the session file and all the errors. Is there some special error log file? The GUI did not tell me very much.

BTW: I am at work atm . I can start with this today in the evening CET.

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Start A3 in a terminal, you will get far more output that way. Copy and paste that output into a text file and submit it along with the other stuff to Mantis as a new issue.


i opened an issue and posted the complete console output there. If you need more information, keep me informed.