Load Ardour Session from SD Card?

Hi. I am out of space on my laptop. Can I put my session folder on an SD card and run it from there?

You can, though it isn’t particularly recommended. If the session is not that large (in terms of number of tracks), it should be fine.

(It’s really large in terms of number of tracks). So… what now? I guess I have to delete some other things off my HD? There isn’t much else to delete honestly…

How well this works will depend on a lot of things. Are these tracks MIDI or Audio? How fast is the SD Card and Reader? For instance a good FAST SD Card and Reader (Like the ones I use to record 4k+ video on better cameras) should be fine for decent sized sessions. But a cheap SD card will choke quickly. You might need to increase playback and/or record buffer size if using an SD card though.

Of course you could just go with an external USB3+ SSD as well and be fine.