Livid Alias8 or other midi controller ??

Hi all
I am a newbie here, so asking for advice on choosing a mixer-style midi controller for adrour.

possible are

  • Livid’s Alias8
  • Novation LaunchControl XL

do they work fine with Ardour ?
Has anyone use any of these before ?

Any other suggestions for mixer-style midi controllers that work fine with ardour (and keep their cost up to 250 euros) ?


Oh I see…
Reading the manual (;-)) I found out about MIDI Binding Maps on
Also found some pre-configured MIDI maps on where there is already the file… so it is working with Ardour!!!

any thoughts about this controller from anyone who has worked with it ?
about any other mixer-style midi controllers ?

There’s no way for other people to comment on controllers, because their suitability depends to a very, very large extent on precisely what you want to do with them. If you provide more details on what you’re expecting to do, people might be able to offer you some useful feedback.

My desired use of such a midi controller is not specific… since I am new to this area I just want to experiment.
Anyway thanks for the clarification
I think the Ardour’s support and connectivity info on is enough for my case…