Livestream with Unfa, Sunday October 2nd

On Sunday at 11:30am (US Mountain (UTC-6)) I’ll be doing a long livestream with famed libre software music person Unfa, to talk about the upcoming release of Ardour 7.0 and related matters. Please join us and ask questions etc. Please try to ignore my face in the following photo, and focus on the tiny amount of lovely Scottish highlands in the background (from when I did the Cape Wrath Trail in 2019)


Good day,

A beautiful, really beautiful landscape. But, but who is that in the photo? It’s hardly recognizable. Is that Paul? Yes. So I have a question. When will Ardor 7.0 be released? Is there also a STEM export for MIDI files included?

What a beautiful photo! Oh, and I love Scotland :slight_smile:

That is Paul, stem export for MIDI is already in the code (and nightly builds) and 7.0 will out when it is out (soon). It does not help to keep asking.


Back in the 1980s I worked on a shorebird survey of the western and northern coasts of Scotland for the British Trust for Ornithology; I remember we had to skirt around Cape Wrath because it was being used as a bombing range by the RAF. Nice to catch a glimpse of it in the photo! :slight_smile:

Thank you Paul. The news with the STEM export is very reassuring. This gives me great hope for my projects.

“It does not help to keep asking.”
It is indeed Paul


Yes, when my brother and I hiked there, we had to be worried about the day we would cross the bombing range. If it is in use, you can’t cross it. We got lucky, and the flags were not flying.

Really enjoyed the conversation! How surreal did it feel to have Peter Gabriel on the other end of the line? Haha

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I thought it was Don Johnson and a younger Brian Cox (actor), somehow at the same time.

Anyhow, an entertaining video.

cool interview! i just watch in youtube…