Live Sound Reinforcement

I’ve been looking for a software based platform for live mixing ( live performances). The only thing I’ve seen is the SAC system by SAW. while it looks like it fits the bill in many ways there are a lot of issue with it that make me feel uncomfortable with it. Would any one like to comment on the potential for for a “Live” version of Ardour?


Dan Canfield

It can be done, and in fact for some small shows I have done it.

Is it ideal? Not at all, as a huge part of what I think makes up good consoles is the UI, which without a good control surface any software is lacking in for live mixing. But it certainly can be done.


I did my first live mix with ardour a couple of weeks ago. It worked great, although seablade’s comment is correct. Personally I hardly ever run more than 8 tracks (any scenario requiring this usually provides their own sound engineer/board, and I am more interested in performing), but when I control the mix via my CME UF5 keyboard with sliders that I assign to track volume, everything is great (when I am doing my own sound, I always set up eq/compression/effects during sound check/setup, so I never tweak these during a performance).