Live Sound Reinforcement based on Ardour

Newbie alert, please don’t shoot if this is not an appropriate place to ask this question. please?!

With the power of quad core processors, I was wondering if anyone had tried using Ardour in a live situation, or modified the interface to easily enable this.

I can imagine someone leveraging the WONDERFUL work that has been done with the engine and interfaces to devices to allow this.

My imagination has the traditional proprietary digital sound board replaced by:
1 Control surface
1 quad+ core/processor PC running a RT Linux kernel.
ADAT card(s) for I/O ?
XLR preamp and A/D with (ADAT?)units connected up to the ADAT card for I/O
a digital snake that can use a gigabit port to transmit (32 or 64) audio streams to the PC

Why? Well, it seems that CPU power has finally caught up with our needs, and the proprietary vendors seem interested in lock-in and intentional crippling of affordable products (so they can continue to sell the VERY expensive high end consoles). I would LOVE an affordable solution where the pieces are easily replaceable and standardized and the software can evolve.

Disclaimer - I realize that this is not the main goal of the project, but I have done LOTS of searches on this topic and come up empty. So this is my desperate attempt to see if there is interest, or for links to an appropriate project.

Well, I will answer my own post. There seems to be a project called LiveMix that is trying to do this. They support Jack from what I think I read.

Anyway, it is mostly in french, so it is of less value to me.

Would you have any link related to this “livemix” ??

Below are some links.

It looks good visually, but I have not tried to use it yet.
I found it in a repository for Ubuntu Studio.

It is based on a “spirit by soundcraft” layout and feature set, which is a good start. I would love to see it more like a higher end analog console(with VCA’s), or a yamaha LS-9 someday… but that is not taking away from the good work this guy has done.

It is a newer project, and I don’t find many links, and my french does not go far enough beyond Bonjour to allow me to navigate the main site.

From what I read this project does not seem to be based off ardour, but Jack and Ladspa