Live Shows Out? Start a lockdown channel. G'day from Oz!

Greetings all,

American migrant in Australia. Normally I’m a live audio guy, but in our world of no crowds, we ride out the storm.
At least it’s pretty where we are.
I am new to Ardour. I own Cubase but at this moment, I don’t have a Win or Mac chunky enough to make due. I did have a Win laptop that was on Win8 and a dog.
I wiped it!
After some poking about Ardour on Ubuntu, I discovered Ubuntu Studio with Ardour installed already. I’m impressed.
It sees my Allen & Heath Qu-SB, Boss Katana seamlessly so far.
I came of age in tape, So this console and digital tape machine thing suits me. Aside from a couple of notch filter plugins, all processing is on the Qu-SB. I’ve been using them for years so it’s quick.

This first episode was made with what I had on hand when we locked down.
Drum Mics-
Kick-No name floor tom mic
OH-Senn e945
Adding local guests soon. For now, this is all played by me.
I just picked up a mic kit (Rode NT4, NT5, Beta52 etc) and am setting up for EP2 onward.

Now time to dig into these forums a bit.

I enjoyed the song very much. Did you write it yourself ? I wish I could write something like that :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

I wish,
That’s a song off the first Frank Black and the Catholics album. Frank’s band after the Pixies.
All the Catholics albums are live to two-track tape. No Overdubs.
I thought one guy doing everything was somehow appropriate.