Live Recording of an A Capella Group

Like the subject says :wink: I recently just recorded an A Capella group with ardour. Just a little reverb, and maybe a little delay on the “solo” vocals.

Ardour did the live sound too for the show. No latency issues what so ever with a Presonus 1818VSL.

You can find the recordings here:

It looks like you did it all in Ubuntu, from the photo on your blog.
You do go for the hard-core challenge!
Just out of interest: is that some sort of “stock” Ubuntu or did you do lots of fiddling to get it to work, realtime and all?

I feel that many here would say that Ubuntu would be very not hardcore ;).

But I was using Dream Studio on that particular day. I think Dick has done a really good job with that distro. It’s my go-to because I actually like unity and don’t really want to take all the time fiddling to install all the desired plug-ins and such.

But… I think that picture is pretty cool because with that little six space rack and my ultrabook, IMHO i have quite an impressive live sound AND recording rig. Everything is all there if you need it thanks to plugins. And all for free! I know I am preaching to the converted here, but isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Thanks GMaq,

Appreciate it!


Nice job on what must have been a challenging situation to record live, good stuff!