Live Recording mixed/mastered in Ardour

Hi there,

here’s another one! Vocals, Piano, FX… Cello… Synthesizer. recorded live on stage:

I captured this using an Allen&Heath Qu16 digital console that records 16 channels directly to USB storage.

The recording was mixed in Ardour, mostly using Calf gate, a-compressor, x42 EQ and an outboard tc M2000 reverb unit. I used a little bit of EQ and Voxengo Elephant (WinVST) for mastering. However, I’m fed up with WinVSTs and finally planning to go 100% native on kxStudio 64bit soon.

The occasional clipping is from the tc VoiceLive of the singer which wasn’t set up properly.

This is the most pop-alike sounding piece from the concert, the rest was a lot more experimental. We will continue recording live, eventually releasing a selection as live album (produced in Ardour, as all my stuff).

The video was edited in Adobe Premiere Elements and filmed with a Nikon DSLR.


p.s.: I’m the guy to the right in the picture/video.

Hi, good performance and mixture sounds from vocals/fx and instruments. What programs and equipments for live visuals ?


Very strong atmosphere and a great song. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I can’t tell you about the visual software. PPLC is a computer scientist who has developed his own algorithms based on machine learning. I think he does this in some framework. Further info: - his equipment is a MacBook and a simple beamer. For this performance, we had the Qu16 digital console connected via USB to his MacBook. In the Qu16, we grouped signals into 4 AUX sends that were send to the software via USB.