Live Playthrough?

I was wondering if it’s possible to do live playthrough in Ardour, specifically for use with effects. There are other programs I’ve used in the past like Audio Hijack Pro where you can load a plugin or two, but I hated that it didn’t have sophisticated recording accomidations, and it cost money. Is there any way how I can monitor my input and plugin output in Ardour using live playthrough?

Keep in mind, I’m a newbie.

Forget about adding tracks and add busses instead. Connect each bus to whatever you want, add FX plugins, and you’re done.

That is assuming that you just want live FX. If what you want is to be able to record and while recording&playing, to monitor the signal with plugins, then yes, Ardour can do that too.
Just turn on Options->Monitoring->Software and disable Options->Do not run plugins while recording.