Live playback with synced audio and video : a few questions


I am looking for a way to synchronize on stage for a band :

  • a master track containing some samples
  • a click track (for the drummer)
  • a video (through HDMI to a digital projector)

I need reliability and sync between those 3 tracks.
I tried many ways in windows and linux, and nothing has been really stable.
I tried a live usb of ubuntu studio, and ardour+jack+xjadeo gave me a pretty good result ! :grinning:

I have a few questions

  • I wanted to know if some people already used ardour for this, and what was their results
  • is there a max video file size (as only one video can be loaded, I will need my entire show on one video) ?
  • what is the internal codec and settings used by Ardour in its transcoding ? I would like to skip this to avoid quality loss

Thanks for any advice

Are you missing a feature from ardour+jack+xjadeo?

I think you want lots of keyframes in the video. I think ardour imports, it makes it mjpeg at a lossy quality.
But I think if you don’t import it, and just run xjadeo separately to load the video it should be good. I wouldn’t interact with ardour once it starts and just let it run with xjadeo running on the 2nd screen/hdmi output.

Does the video have audio already? If not, you could probably replace the audio on the video file to be a click track and then the drummer is the only one listening to the audio.

No, there is no limit, except 24h timecode rollover. But if you use a USB-key with VFAT, keep in mind that the file-system has a 4GB file-size limit.

The proxy video uses avi/mjpeg, because it is fast to seek around randomly (every frame is a keyframe).

When you play linearly and rarely seek, mp4/x264 is fine. But keep in mind that xjadeo has no hardware decoder acceleration. large geometry (e.g. fullHD) can be heavy on the CPU.

Thanks for your answers ! I will test further this setup.

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