Live MIDI LFO Automation


I want to hit one of several drum pads on my MIDI keyboard and have each send a specific, unique frequency to an LFO in a synth (e.g. zynaddsubfx or yoshimi).

It is to achieve a dubstep wobble-bass sound at various fractions of the tempo, specifically in a live setting.

Can anyone think of a way of doing this within ardour? Of course, I’d be willing to use any software but ardour is where I usually work.



I’d say use ardour’s scripting or either of which will require some LUA scripting.

If you are willing to run an external program you could control it with OSC using which may offer more automation precision than trying to control the LFO with midi. If you use OSC2MIDI please let me know if you have any issues (I am the author).

Thank you for your reply!

I had a feeling it might be a scripting job. Great job in creating OSC2MIDI. I’ll look into it and get back to you if I can’t figure it out.