Live Looping with new Clip Workflow

Hi. I’m somewhat new to ardour, so excuse my ignorance if I’m being dumb.
Anyway, I’m wondering if you can do live looping somehow using the new clip workflow.
It seems like it’d be ideal for that (although I don’t understand the workflow super well), but I
can’t find any examples of people recording clips on the fly.

Is there such a feature? If not, is anything like that planned?
I saw a video of someone doing something similar using Lua scripting, but I’d rather not go down that rabbit hole for now.

Thanks everyone for your time and effort making Ardour :slight_smile:

At the moment that is not possible in ardour - you have to record the audio for your clip then bounce it to a clip before you can then start working with it. However I think I’m right in saying that Paul has written on here somewhere that recording live into a clip is planned for the future. I know he’s also bought a launchpad pro mk3 to integrate it more deeply with ardour so I’m half wondering if the two might be connected…

I also notice that the next release is going to be a new version number…

Ah darn :disappointed:

I think that’s a killer feature that’d be really cool to have.
Can’t wait :slight_smile:

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