Live Acoustic covers made with ardour

Hi everybody,
Here are some acoustic covers made with Ardour. Live studio sessions with no overdub for the sound. Some additional takes for a few images.

Warwick Avenue (Duffy)

Back to black (Amy Winehouse)

River (Joni Mitchell)

Every little thing she does is magic (The Police)

Layla (Eric Clapton / Derek and the dominos)

Everything is made with Ardour, A Neuman Tlm 103 for the voice, a Km 184 a Akg c 214 or Cascade for Guitar.
A Elysia comp for vocals on take, Focusrite Scarlett Audio interface. A simple Eq Pere Rafols, a Calf Reverb.
A Sony A7 RIII with sigma art 50mm for video.

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And many thanks to Ardour team !


Well, I already made comments on Youtube and am a happy subscriber to your channel :slight_smile:
Excellent productions, and some pieces are just awesome.I’m really fond of the Joni Mitchell and the latest Duffy covers.

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Thanks a lot Vincent !

Good work. Sounds great. Really good performances and lovely warm recordings. I’m jealous!

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Thanks a lot ! do you share some music too ? maybe on youtube ?

Yes, I have some stuff on Bandcamp.
My latest/recent release is a simple arrangement of acoustic guitar, voice and a bit of synth - called ‘Walk
(I announced it here: The Argent Grub - Made with Ardour - #4 by caprenter )
The Bandcamp page gives details of the software used and so on.
The mic is an Audio Technica AT2020.
Lots of editing after the recording tho - I don’t have the same skills as you do!
There is more stuff on the Bandcamp site, but it’s quite different to this track, so be warned!

Btw, I think I first saw your ‘Aint no Sunshine’ cover via these forums. I really like it!