Little problem with the timeline

Hello everyone

This is my first visit here, and I want to state my appreciation and gratitude to the developers of such a great piece of software, that I have been using successfully on my Linux workstation.

Now, on to the problem: I have a session with quite a few tracks and buses, and an “eventful” tempo map. At a certain point I dragged the session start marker before the zero, like in the figure.


As you can see, the “zero” time does not match anymore the start of the first musical measure. I have moved the “inizio” (italian for “start”) marker back to the measure 1 position, but the time remains misaligned, and this is a problem when syncing (through JACK) an open instance of Xjadeo on another computer connected to the same LAN, since the video starts now at 00:00:02:17, which is exactly the point where the first measure currently starts.

How can I revert this condition? I could not find a way to align the start of measure 1 to the “zero”, and the manual seems not to help. Maybe I hit a corner case?

Thanks for any answer or pointer to the documentation.

Francesco Napoleoni

You can drag the measure marker here “4/4” to align music-time with timecode.

Another option is to use Ardour’s video-timeline. That allows you to set a video-offset by dragging the video on the timeline. The offset is specified in units of timecode frames, not music-time. but you should be able to align it sufficiently close.

Okay, this solution worked immediately for me. Many thanks, mr. Robin!