Little gtk-app for copying track settings


I’ve written a little gtk application in C (called 2ndmerge) to copy track settings like gain, pan, plugins, phase etc. from one ardour-song to another.

You can choose the source(template) song, the target song and the single tracks you want to copy. Also you can choose what you want to be changed (gain, pan etc.). Only the settings are copied and the existing audio in the target is untouched. I think it would be very useful integrated in ardour. The next week the project homepage will be online (with a first tarball) and after that I will post the URL here!

Have a nice day!



the first release of 2ndmerge is online. I tested the app with ardour-0.99.3 but it really needs further testing.

Get it at

Any comments and hints are very welcome and I hope this app is useful for some people!