Little ditty: Firelight

Haven’t posted anything in a while. Not my usual thing, but kinda liked how it sounded. My zen place I guess… :slight_smile:

As always, thanks for listening!


I liked it :slight_smile: My first impressions was: maybe the song felt a little bit rushed, imho slower tempo (about 60 bpm or so) might have resulted in a more relaxed feeling that would have emphasized the melodic themes more. I liked how the guitar and bass were doing their own thing but sometimes I would have liked the guitar to go to the background and let the bass melody get center stage. For example the first part was repeated 3 times, I would have liked to have the bass theme to be in the focus for the last two repeats as the bass imho was more interesting than the guitar part.

After a second listening I liked everything about the song but I think the most interesting melody is played by the bass. The bass volume is so low that the things it is doing are almost getting lost. I would have liked the bass to be in focus through the whole song and would have liked to move guitars to the background.

These are the impressions of one random listener, so take this with a grain of salt :slight_smile: Good work, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Hi @mhartzel,

Thanks for the comments and listening!

The tempo well… that is basically the tempo “I” hear in my head when I’m staring at a campfire, so that is what it is… :slight_smile:

Not sure on the bass volume. The bass guitar I use tends to be a bit boomy, so I compress the hell out of it. I do final mix through flat EQ speakers and bass levels seemed to be what I was going for, but I may have pulled it back too much.

I’ll keep plugging at it!

Hi @cchoowee

Very well done! What a great assortment of textures, I agree that bass line is very impressive and a key part of the song but you’ve also got a lot of cool stuff going on with the ambient guitar sounds so I can empathize it’s a difficult song to mix. A really interesting assortment of individual parts, I agree maybe the mix isn’t 100% there yet but I don’t really have a magic answer to what it needs. In any case really great stuff!

Hi @GMaq,

Thanks for the comments and listening!