Little cover album recorded and mixed with Ardour

Hi everyone, we recorded some cover songs with friends of mine and uploaded it to soundcloud, so I thought I would share it here :slight_smile:

It was all recorded and mixed with ardour, thanks to the developpers so much, I use Ardour almost every day!!
Stay safe!


Hi @Reaw,

I think it sounds great! All the recordings are clear and think the mix is very good. Feels like I’m in the room where they are playing.

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This is a very professional production, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: I enjoyed listening through the songs, the performances are very very good.

In some of the songs the vocals seems a bit dry (lack of reverb) and now and then the volume of the vocals seems to change a bit too much. In “Ain’t no sunshine” the vocals are very loud compared to the band. A bit of compressor would tame the dynamics nicely.

These are just small things that caught my attention while listening, but overall it’s just great performances, recording and mixing :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, such words mean a lot to me :smile:
Thank you for the feedback, now that you mention I can really hear it. I mixed the songs at different times so it might have had an impact. I will try to change it :slight_smile: