List of Songs made with Ardour

Hey guys,

I would like to assemble a list of tracks made with Ardour on my blog. If you want your track to be put on this list, just send me a link and a description and I’ll add it :slight_smile: At the moment there are only two of my own tracks there.


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There is an “Ardour” group on SoundCloud which should have more members hint hint… however it has a nice selection of various tunes and styles done with Ardour. You could probably link the group as a whole or pick and choose from it…

Just a suggestion, I have some stuff but I also have a complete EP coming soon so maybe I’ll post back with it later. Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this… it is hard to find a good unified place with Ardour productions, even the forum here has a very small representation of completed works when you consider how many people use Ardour and the relatively few submissions there are here.

Thanks for the Soundcloud group tip, GMaq :slight_smile:

If you want me to add any of your songs, just leave me a message.

Hi again…

Ooops! I totally forgot to mention in my previous reply that I enjoyed your music on your blog! Great production quality!! Very impressive :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

There’s an “Ardour” tag in use at the Internet Archive:"Ardour"

Thanks, thorwil! I’ll check that out. - All of the albums there, excluding “ChillLive – Best of 2009” where produced using Ardour.

Btw, I noticed from my rare Twitter use, that Ardour doesn’t turn up in hash tags too often. Why not using a common (hash) tag for “made with ardour”? (something more precise than “#Ardour”, though) - I guess this would be quite useful on SoundCloud.

The video sound tracks here were also done entirely in Ardour.

Hello, I just want to throw out there that most of my compos that I put on are done in Ardour. You can find them here: http: I tried to tag them with Ardour. The only exceptions are a couple that I did as trackers and recorded directly from the software or a few older items I did before I got Linux running.

Thanks for putting Ardour out there. I really love it as a DAW. =_)

I look forward to the time when we don’t have to do this because Ardour is so widely used it isn’t news any more.
I have done several whole albums with Ardour in my (very part time) studio: see where everything from TWD014 onwards was done in Ardour.

I posted this elsewhere, but thought I’d add it here too. Just adding to the list in case this becomes a reference in the future!

10 Piece Funk/Soul band. Horns vocal harmonies pretty organic sound, entirely recorded with Ardour in linux. The only non open source bits were some Linux DSP/Overtone DSP plugins and possibly some Harrison Mixbus Plugins.

Will add some black/doom metal songs once we figure out the label’s release schedule!

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No really made with Ardour, but recorded and mixed with ardour:

Hello there,

here’s our band’s production so far:

And a youtube link:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey, just got out an EP that was completely made with Ardour :

Nice sounds, very much in the tradition of Kraftwerk, Jarre and Telex. I enjoyed the EP very much, and I felt relaxed after listening to it. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot Mikael! :slightly_smiling_face: I wanted to do it with open-source tools only, so there’s some Calf plugins and Hydrogen drum machines as well