LIRC remote control?


Does anyone know if you can control Ardour with LIRC and a tv remote?

@mcgruff: there is no direct support for this in ardour at all. writing support for a new control device is not incredibly hard (they are actually standalone modules that ardour loads as it starts up), but not trivial either.

Thanks for the reply. If I wanted to help program this feature what, roughly, would I need to learn? My only programming experience is with php. I’m very much test-infected and to be honest wouldn’t be able to contribute if that isn’t the way you work. Programming is far too difficult without tests to tell you when you’re going wrong - or right.


I discoverd a tool to control Ardour with LIRC and OSC.

It’s based on perl module Audio::Ardour::Control, but this module doesn’t contain all OSC command!

Now, is there anyone capable to tell me how to implement the others OSC?