Liquorix kernel

I do hard disk recording with Ardor and (so far) under ZorinOS.

I like my ZorinOS and have just reinstalled the system with WINE 8.x and yabridge.

I didn’t want Ubuntu Studio because I don’t particularly like Ubuntu because of Snap.

Yesterday I read about AV Linux and found the thing with the AV kernel particularly interesting. However, I don’t really want to start installing a new system again. I also really like ZORIN OS and Linux AV also comes with a lot of programs that I would delete anyway (like under Zorin) because I don’t want to have what I don’t need on the disk as ballast.

So: Before I change the distro: Is it possible to change the Liquorix kernel

the AV Linux used to install under Zorin? Do you think this will actually benefit me in terms of latency?

You could probably copy AVL’s initrd, and vmlinuz files from /boot and the /lib/modules/“kernel-version” folder to your Zorin PC and tell grub to use that.

But unless you need super low latency it’s probably not worth the hassle; the default kernel and the realtime scheduling you configured earlier should be enough for most use cases.

I haven’t configured much yet. The user is in the real-time group and memlock is set to unlimited:

Not more. What else was there to do?


As I said you have configured realtime scheduling as per the jackaudio link, so you’re able to run Ardour with real-time priority.
You can double check that it works as intended by running ulimit -r and ulimit -l in a console terminal.
You should see 95 for -r and whatever you set your locked memory to for -l

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