Linuxsampler LV2 connect to running instance of LS

Hi all, I couldn’t find any information elsewhere:
Is it possible to have the LS LV2 pluging connect to a running LS session? Especially a remote one?
The idea is to spread the load over several machines, one of them running Linuxsampler and holding the libraries and another running Ardour/Mixbus - all while the actually “computer” in the studio is a fanless xterminal.

Atm I can either start a LS instance and connect via send/return or the LV2 pluging will a) not start if a local instances is already present and b) start its own local instance.

Any small hint is much appreciated, cheeers, MMM

Thanks Paul, that’s all I needed to know: if there’s no way I just use the “standalone” version.
This is part of a bigger experiment - including Windows- and Mac machines over a dedicated physical Jack network (with all other traffic being in the “normal” network). My studio is only very little and I will keep noise and heat outside as good as possible and I also have 2 Xeon “pizza boxes” in the rack which can do some good deeds with audio but are noisy.

Anyway thanks again for your time and work.

Regards, Max

the LS LV2 plugin is an instance of Linux Sampler. Given that you can’t start any instance of LS (as a non-plugin) and have it “connect to” a running LS session anywhere, there’s no way the plugin is going to be able to do this.

the physical separation of the “studio” machine from the “big iron backend” is already trivial to do using X Window - just run on the big iron with the DISPLAY pointing to the studio machine. Spreading the load over multiple machines is a massively more complex operation, and I don’t see any trivial ways to do this. And to be honest, I don’t see the need really. LS isn’t really that heavy on CPU, and it isn’t hard to get machines with 64GB or more RAM these days, which is vastly more than was common when LS and its inspirations were first written.