Linuxsampler & Ardour 64bits

Hi Folks,

this is the first time I use Linuxsampler LV2 plugin in Ardour 64 bits. Just do it as in 32bits (add LS plugin pre-fader in MIDI track, start Qsampler and load GIG instrument)

When press key (at stop or roll+input listenning) on hardware keyboard, sound is ok.
When play, no sound.
If replace Linuxsampler with Calf organ, sound is ok when roll…

Please, don’t just say :“it’s an LS problem” !


I’ve used linuxsampler + Ardour64 bits for a long time (kxstudio 14.04 and AVLinux2016) without problems. What Ardour version / linux distro are you using?

It’s Ardour 5.5.0 from Ardour site in AVLinux 2016.2, Linuxsampler-lv2 is 1.0.0+svn2593-1kxstudio3

I am on UbuntuStudio 64bit for years using Ardour and linuxsampler. No problems.
In particular, it’s hard to imagine that the live keyboard does produce sound but recorded material wouldn’t. Did you select the orange “In” button on your channel strip by chance. That would make Ardour NOT play the regions on the track.

Thanks for answering guys !

@robertaramar: am not listenning the input of the track…

for the record if one search it, re-install last Linuxsampler-lv2 from Kxstudio repos was the solution, and it works nice now!