linuxDSP Workstation Plug-ins Bundle - Pay What You Want - Limited Offer

The linuxDSP Workstation Plug-ins Bundle is now available as Pay What You Want for a limited time until the end of June 2014. A unique opportunity to add professional console grade processing to your Ardour sessions for a fraction of the normal price (or whatever you think it's worth). Min price £5.00 (to cover payment processing and charges). Get it here:

Worked for me: You got me into trying the linuxDSP bundle! (However, it will take me a while, since I work with a fixed plugin set for each production - so before I’ll start the next one, I’ll test the plugins and decide which ones will equip the new toolbox.)

In my recent work, my finding was: The Voxengo Plugins (32bit windows VSTs) offer very good audio, but quite naturally have issues with stability. In contrast, some of the free native plugins had issues with audio (e.g., undesired popping noises from EQ10Q), and even worse, some were also causing bad crashes. So rather than quantity in plugins, we need quality. So, right on, LinuxDSP! Looking forward to using that promising stuff.

Linux DSP has extensivly tested his plugins and in the even of a problem has good support. ive had zero issues with the ones ive tested (channel strip EQ, graph EQ, compressor strip and Reverb)

@ veda_sticks I can confirm … Using Linux DSP plugins for a long time now and never had any problem, bugs, crashes… … and therefore my workflow now just includes linuxdsp plugins plus ir.lv2 and the calf analyser and thats it in 95% of all cases… (there are a lot of more great plugins out there though)

Crap! Missed it!

Im hoping linux dsp comes out with alot of more great plugins. ive been watching pensandos into the lair on youtube which has lots of fantastic tips and tricks for mixing, The plugins he uses are just awesome but there all in protools.

Im hoping that soon there will be plguins like that availible for linux. theres alot of neat stuff you can do by chaining plugins together along with parallell processing.

His philosphy is dont do all the heavy lifting with just 1 tool. Spread it over several tools using each 1 doing little bits at a time.

Crap! Missed it!

The opposite for me - I’d already bought every thing I wanted.
Earlier, I did miss the introductory offer on the new EQ with FFT, and then paid full price.
But full price for linuxDSP is still cheap compared with any other commercial plugin…