linuxDSP VC2B Vintage Compressor V1.0.2 released

The linuxDSP VC2B Vintage Compressor V1.0.2 is available. As usual this is a free upgrade for anyone who has already purchased previous versions. This update adds significant new / improved features:

32 and 64Bit linuxVST 2.4 support.
Basic JACK session support.
Automatic GUI upscaling - improves usability on hi-res screens.
Physical Control Weighting - replicates the ‘feel’ of high quality rotary controls.
Transformer-coupled side chain - improves LF dynamics.
Approx 50% less CPU / DSP compared to previous versions.

Intended as a master buss compressor, the VC2B is ideal for use with the PEQ-2A Vintage Pultec EQ.

This update includes self-contained executable installers, together with the usual Ubuntu / debian .deb files and ‘raw’ binaries. Anyone installing the .deb files should ensure any previous versions are removed first using the system package manager. Full installation instructions in the manual.

More information and free demo here:


Just some positive feedback.
The new installer is really good ! Easy to use and still compliant with the package management in Debian/Ubuntu.


@Stanlea I too have all except Guitar fx’s :slight_smile: Just bought the VC2B 10 seconds ago.

How can I learn whats in the pipe ? I am really curious :wink:


Can’t wait to get it!

Now I think I caught them all (except the guitat fx’s).

Next one is … ? (I know the answer :slight_smile: )