linuxDSP releases Pultec EQH emulation for Mac OSX

Inspired by the Pultec EQH program EQ, and released under the linuxDSP / OverTone brand, the PTH-2A provides a cost-effective alternative to the full PTC-2A / EQP-1 emulation, at a significantly reduced price.
The PTH-2A has a subset of the PTC-2A / EQP-1A features, while using the same filter emulation technology and separate LF Boost and Cut controls to provide the classic Pultec Low-end signature sounds. The PTH-2A is priced at GBP 15.00, a saving of 50% compared to the full PTC-2A equalizer. Available for Mac OSX and Windows (requires Mac OSX 10.5 or later and an Audio Unit compatible host e.g. Ardour / Mixbus) or Windows XP / 7 and a VST compatible host (e.g. Mixbus for Windows)

Free demo at: