linuxDSP 'Pro' plugins

Released at the beginning of this month, the new linuxDSP Pro-EQ and Pro-Dynamics plugins can be found here:

Demo versions can be downloaded from here:

These are similar in concept to the 'Mix' plugins - MX-EQ and MX-Dynamics, but have a different EQ 'voicing' and use our new GUI engine, so the user interface has some new features such as re-sizing - especially useful on small hi-res displays, just drag the window to a new size and the UI scales accordingly. These LV2 plugins aim to provide a complete channel processing solution for Ardour (and other compatible DAWs such as Qtracktor), with low CPU usage, interpolated controls (no 'zipper noise' when changing parameters) and DSP technology based on 20 years of pro-audio experience. A demo of the new GUI can be found here:

No, I think he has no EQ with 2 parametric mids. But you can simply use 2 of his EQs, they go really easy on CPU cycles.


There isn’t a parametric with two mids, unless you count the graph-eq (which is a type of parametric, just with a different kind of UI) and with the graph-eq you can switch off bands that you don’t need by setting their EQ type to flat,to minimize CPU usage.
The point about the Pro-EQ and the Pro-Dynamics was to provide a really good EQ and Dynamics - the essentials for any serious music production - with a good balance between the amount of controls and options and just having the features you need to do most tasks really well with low CPU usage. With this in mind, they are designed to have a clear UI - which doesn’t take up too much space (but you can choose exactly how much because it is re-sizable…), a user interface that is the same regardless of the host application (it works in a GTK host such as Ardour and it ALSO works in a Qt host such as Qtractor), combined with high quality DSP code.

he already has a parametric with that :wink:

Have you considered adding a parametric EQ with 2 mids?