LinuxDSP Plugins Update

Forwarded from Mr. LinuxDSP ...

As announced recently on the linuxDSP website, the Pro-EQ, Dynamics and Gate plugins have recently been updated. We have recently been doing some work to improve compatibility with different distributions and out of the work done to improve functionality with Meego Linux several usability improvements have been ported back into the mainstream versions of the plugins.

Most notably, the plugin UI windows now open directly under the mouse pointer the first time they are opened, and subsequently remember their last on-screen window position. In Ardour, this means that the plugin UI now opens straight out of the mixer channel.

The plugin bundle includes mono and stereo versions of the Pro-EQ Pro-Dynamics and Pro-Gate plugins. These can provide channel Equalisation, Dynamics processing , Gate, Phase alignment, Switchable High Pass Filter and Gain in each mixer channel.

linuxDSP is one of the few, if not the only full-time commercial plugin developers to support the LV2 standard and these plugins bring DSP processing to Ardour and other compatible DAWs from developers who have over 20 years experience of the pro-audio industry and have previously worked with some of the worlds top pro-audio companies. The plugins can be found here:

An opportunity not to be missed.

They are great plugins, and the new version is awesome!

The plugins were originally developed because the small group of people involved in the project, as linux audio users as well as developers, felt that there was a need for plugins with both high quality processing and equally high quality user interfaces. I believe we have achieved that with these plugins, and that they are the best of their kind available on linux. This has now become a fulltime project, and as such, it needs to pay its way, but I also think they are extremely good value (much less than the cost of a decent sound card, but no less important) and revenue permitting we also hope to be able to provide some support for the projects with which they are designed to be used.

linuxDSP has recently released the MKII Graph-EQ. This is a significant feature upgrade to the original graphical eq, and not only adds a much improved user interface which shows individual frequency bands in addition to the main EQ curve, but also adds another type of parametric filter which uses innovative DSP processing to provide a de-cramped frequency response similar to analogue EQs. Plugins offering similar functionality on other platforms can cost as much as $500 and sometimes require extra DSP hardware, which makes this plugin a very cost effective solution. Combine it with the MBC2 multiband compressor to provide a high quality mastering solution. It can be found here:

The download now also includes linux VST versions of the plugin.