linuxDSP plugins in ardour 2.8.8

I just wanted to let people know - If you are using the linuxDSP LV2 plugins with ardour, some proposed changes to LV2 support in ardour 2.8.8 (including the current SVN build) will require that you use updated versions of plugins.

All the plugins on the main linuxDSP site - - are now compatible with all versions of ardour from 2.8.3 onwards, and if you already have paid-for versions of the plugins, you can download updated versions from here:

This should not affect the way the plugins function in other hosts, but represents an improvement to the way ardour handles removing (deleting) a plugin from a mixer channel.

Support for earlier versions of Ardour will be maintained, but will be gradually phased out as 2.8.8 (and later) and eventually Ardour 3 become the more ‘current’ versions.

Installation instructions are provided with the plugin download.

just wondering, but are you aware that your plugin’s full gui’s don’t work at all in ardour3 at the moment? The LADSPA gui is in place and functional, but all the pretty LV2 gui’s are gone. Any idea when this will be fixed? Just making sure you were aware.

Thanks, yes, I have heard there are issues with the GUIs in Ardour3. As far as I know, it’s a bug with LV2 support in ardour3 and not a fault with my plugins, I have no idea when it will be fixed, I suspect that is a question best answered by the Ardour devs - although as far as I’m aware there is no official release of ardour3 at the moment and so I haven’t been using it or testing anything with it at this stage.

There is already a report for the lv2 GUI bug in 3.0:

There seems to be a problem in building the control UI’s. I tried to debug that, but i failed due to my poor C++ knowlegde…