linuxDSP Plug-ins Updated

Ardour users who also use the linuxDSP plug-ins with other DAWs may be interested to know that the Workstation Plug-ins Bundle, the PEQ-2A Vintage Pultec EQ, FC70 Fairchild 670 limiter and DYN4000 G-series dynamics have all been updated to address an issue principally affecting the VST plug-ins when used in Tracktion (T5) for linux.
This update also works around a more general issue caused by a bug in Ubuntu Unity Shell (2d) which can cause the UI to “stall” for a short while after the Window is moved - dependent upon graphics drivers / hardware / theme / time of day etc etc…
This is a free update for existing users, downloads are available at:

awesome thanks… Having just purchased Bitwig, I now have a need to use the VST versions of the plugins…

Hi guys. Not sure if it’s an appropriate thread, but it seems it’s the last one mentioning LinuxDSP. I’m a newbie if it comes to Ardour and Linux in general, still learning things, and I would really, really like to get those LinuxDSP gadgets, but… the site’s down, I guess. Uncle Google doesn’t help me to find another website, from which I could download (buy) them. Any help, dear fellows? Does LinuxDSP team still work?
Sorry in advance if I missed something obvious :slight_smile:

LinuxDSP moved to

… and the long story is

Many thanks and good day to you!