linuxDSP PEQ-2A V1.01 Now Available.

linuxDSP PEQ-2A V1.01 is now available. This update adds 32 and 64Bit linuxVST versions, and Physical Control Weighting, which adds a small amount of 'weight' to the GUI controls in order to replicate the 'feel' of high quality rotary controls. In addition, this enables greater precision for small control moves while still enabling wide ranging control changes when required. This is a free update for anyone who has already purchased the original version.

See for more details and downloads.

This is a unique opportunity to aquire an emulation of one of the most sought-after pieces of Vintage Hardware. Pultec EQs are found in just about all professional studios, and have been copied in hardware / software by many different companies. This is the only one of its kind available for linux.

linuxDSP has a wealth of pro-audio experience, including design engineers who have worked for some of the world’s leading pro-audio companies. This means we have the professional technical expertise to understand what makes all types of classic analogue hardware so highly regarded, and the DSP knowledge to turn that into professional grade digital emulations.

The PEQ-2A Pultec EQ introductory price offer ends after Feb 2012 - I cannot emphasize enough what a significant opportunity this represents - to obtain an emulation of The most sought-after Vintage EQ. There is no other like it available for linux at the present time

32 and 64Bit VST and LV2, and all a fraction of the $3000 - $5000 it would cost to buy the real hardware (and that’s just the cost of a single mono unit)

Can’t wait 'til this is Free as in freedom.

To everyone: Please! No discussion here and now about this (free…), search the forums :wink:

Great plugin, tried it on a broken bassdrum with impressive results! Can’t wait it to use it on some better material.

@samtuke: You’re welcome to write your own, and distribute it under whatever license you choose. On many occasions I’ve described in detail why it does not make commercial sense for us - as a business with real bills to pay - to make the software available ‘free’ (in either sense of the word, as both are inextricably linked). No-one has yet been able to show me a business model in which you can give away the intellectual property without restriction, and still retain any commercial value.
I hope you will also be aware that although the software contains no GPL’d code we are aware of the indirect dependence on some open source projects such as ardour (as a host application) and as such we also contribute software and finance (when revenue permits) to such projects.
This is the best attempt to provide some much needed high quality audio software for this operating system, in accordance with a commercially viable business model, which realistically is the only way that the specialised knowledge and experience required can be brought to the project at the present time.

This one is fantastic!

I just tested it on a bass track with to little bottom and managed to quickly make it fatter with audible mids without letting the mix sound muddy. Great stuff, you did it again!

Bought it a couple of weeks ago, really happy with it !

This is probably the best plugin I ever had the pleasure to use, totally realistic vintage warmth to the whole mix + bass enhancement I still wonder how I could live without…

The PEQ-2A V1.0.3 is now available - this update adds standalone JACK versions of the plugin, with basic JACK session support, and an improved mid / high boost filter which more closely replicates the complex control interactions of the original Pultec units, for the characteristic smooth top-end boost without becoming harsh.
For anyone who hasn’t already purchased this plugin, the introductory price is only available until the end of February. This is the most significant plugin linuxDSP has developed so far, and is unique amongst linux audio software.
The original hardware, (and software emulations on other operating systems) are extremely sought-after and highly valued, for good reason. This is no exception, and a unique opportunity to obtain a superb EQ at a fraction of its normal price.


Congrats for an excellent plugin! A must-have in a plugin collection!

Now also available for Mac OS X - Requires OS X v.10.5 or later and an AU compatible host (works with Ardour OS X, Mixbus, Reaper, GarageBand, Logic etc). Available to download here:

Released as the PTC-2A under our ‘OverTone’ brand - which is where we spin out a few linux projects onto other more mainstream platforms.