linuxDSP PEQ-2A Pultec EQ updated

As mentioned on the linuxDSP forum / website, The PEQ-2A Pultec EQ emulation has been updated. As usual this is a free update for existing users.

The PEQ-2A remains a milestone in linux audio software development. Pultec EQs have earned a deserved reputation as an essential piece of studio equipment, and have long been an essential and much valued plugin on other platforms. Now the signature sound of one of the most sought-after vintage EQs is available for linux audio workstations. V1.0.5 adds the following improvements:

  • Improved tube-amp emulation warm-up behaviour.
  • Protection against improbably large input signals and NaNs from misbehaving plugins.
  • Automatic GUI scaling based on DPI setting and resolution.
  • Free demo / update available from the linuxDSP website at:

    Users of some distributions which include the original PEQ-2A will need to make sure they remove any conflicting original versions at:


    to avoid conflicts with the update which (correctly) installs to:


    Perfect timing! I’m just doing final mixes on a new EP and was going to have the Pultec all over it. Thanks!