linuxDSP - New plugin soon..

While I expect that 2012 will turn out to be a busy year, just keeping up with the ever changing nature of linux audio (and linux in general) I wanted to share at least one of the planned software releases - due out early this year.

The PEQ-2A is a Vintage EQ based on the famous Pultec designs, and while it cannot claim to be an exact replica (mainly for legal reasons) I think it’s fair to say it has been designed with all the best features of the original in mind. A screenshot is available here:

Key features:

  1. Passive filter emulation, including separate LF Boost and Attenuate controls. This allows you to boost and cut the LF at the same time this is one of the most desirable aspects of the original Pultec designs, and is commonly refered to as the Pultec ‘low-end trick’ - boosting the bass but at the same time creating a slight dip in the low-mid which stops things getting ‘muddy’

(It’s interesting to note that the manufacturer specifically warned users not to do this, in the original manual)

  1. Transformer-coupled tube circuitry, the original EQs had passive filters followed by a valve amplifier stage. This is emulated in the plugin and like the original, remains in circuit even with the EQ bypassed so you always get some slight extra valve ‘warmth’.

  2. De-cramped mid-range peak filter - unlike conventional digital filters, the peak filter used here provides a more analogue style response, which is critical to obtaining an accurate simulation of the way real hardware behaves.

So, yes, it is ‘yet another’ EQ - but this is certainly different from most - certainly most currently available for linux. Check the linuxDSP website for announcements soon:

Agree and have PEQ-2A myself.

Buy it now !

@gusta: If I understand correctly, I’m glad you liked the plugin(s) - if you find the GUI unintuitive, I’m not sure if you mean, generally, as in you prefer to have a set of basic slider controls rather than an emulation of real hardware, or if you mean specific to one plugin (I assume the PEQ-2A)

If you find GUIs that emulate hardware unintuitive, then all I can say is that it is personal preference, personally I find it more difficult to use an interface with just plain sliders (often in different places on different hosts and mostly with arbitary units etc). With hardware style emulations, I have visual cues as to which control to adjust. (Try using something like the GRAPH-EQ in host-ui mode!)

If you mean specifically that the PEQ-2A is not intuitive, then that’s part of what it is e.g. its an emulation of a vintage EQ with very specific controls and the interactions between them is part of what makes it what it is. If you made it more like a modern EQ, it would be a modern EQ and it would sound like a modern EQ.

Regarding plugins or EQ integrated into Ardour, that’s not for me to decide, although I’d be happy to work with the ardour devs to include some DSP, however it would likely be in the same way that Harrison do with Mixbus e.g. the DSP part would not be open source (I won’t go into a long discussion about commercial software and linux etc here, its been done many times before, but for a business whose only product is software, ‘freedom’ and ‘free’ amount to the same thing which wouldn’t be compatible with our business model)

‘Melodyne’ style plugins… Well, given that they likely use some very complex technology (which is not in the public domain), and that therefore its likely patented and legally protected to protect their investment in developing it, it is unlikely to be possible to provide an opensource version.

Regrettably, as a small business linuxDSP does not have the capability to invest in developing something similar for such a very small niche market as linux audio (An example, even the PEQ-2A was a considerable investment in time and resources - it looks simpler than it is - and while those who have used it highly recommend it, we need more linux users to really ‘get’ what it’s about, and why we consider it to be a milestone in linux audio, enough to justify that investment. However, I’m confident that situation will improve given time)

dsp @ linux:
I got to try the demo version of your plugin in my old linux machine, and how I could test, the test was limited to the few features hw they sound really good. I hope to see your chart included by default in the eq channel ardor in the future even though I already know that this situation will be difficult to see happen. the only flaw that or found, but this is personal preference, because the interface is not very fond dell’analogic like, and I find it less intuitive than one that does not emulate.
I believe that Linux as a plugin still needs good quality, apart from the synthesizers, the following:
modules for sound fonts, de-esser, limiter, similar to Melodyne plugin or wave tune, compressors and equalizers and many others that I can think of now, there’s something you’ve already decided to develop between them?
I really like the quality of your products and would like to see a complete set of tools made ​​by you … say a collection weves style but for linux and linux dsp made ​​by …
would be great

@LeatusPenguin: Not decided about the output gain, it wasn’t planned because the original EQP units don’t have one - that said, it’s not claiming to be a 100% authentic copy so there may be a case for compromising authenticity in favour of usability.

Congrats. We have never enough equalizers…

Heh and I just switched back to Linux and even purchased one of your workstation packs as well, will have to look forward to this:)


Sounds great :slight_smile:

will this be a plugin or standalone?

@Scary-Hallo: All the plugins are available as standalone, VST and LV2, except for the Pro-Channel plugins, which are LV2 only. There are various reasons for this, mainly being that for the channel plugins - which are designed to enhance basic DAW mixer channel functionality, it seemed to make less sense to have them standalone, however they are planned to be VSTs too in the future.

For the PEQ-2A, I expect that it will be available in all formats eventually, but I think it is likely that it will be released as LV2 initially, and then the VST and JACK versions will get added as a free upgrade later (as developer time / schedules permit)

Update: The linuxDSP PEQ-2A is now available as an LV2, in mono and stereo versions. The JACK and VST versions will be added soon as a free upgrade.

A free demo is available here:

linuxdsp: Will this be part of the plugin bundle at some point? I am about to buy the bundle and I don’t want to buy it if this plugin is then added and I lose out.

@christophski: No, its not planned to be added so you won’t lose out if you buy the bundle.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

Update: VST versions of the linuxDSP PEQ-2A Vintage EQ plugin are being tested and should be available for 64 and 32Bit, as a free upgrade towards the end of January. In the meantime, the LV2 versions will work with Ardour and / or Mixbus.
The only emulation of its kind on linux, inspired by highly sought-after vintage equipment. Original Pultec EQs have appeared on just about any recording you can think of and are highly prized by the engineers fortunate enough to have used them.

A detailed overview of the PEQ-2A can now be found in this article on the linuxDSP site:

And information about how to replicate one of the most sought-after ‘signature’ sounds of the EQs that inspired it can be found here:

linuxDSP PEQ-2A V1.01 is now available. This update adds 32 and 64Bit linuxVST versions, and Physical Control Weighting, which adds a small amount of ‘weight’ to the GUI controls in order to replicate the ‘feel’ of high quality rotary controls. In addition, this enables greater precision for small control moves while still enabling wide ranging control changes when required. This is a free update for anyone who has already purchased the original version.

@LeatusPenguin: Glad you liked the EQ, so, yes it is yet another EQ :slight_smile: but I (and the other people involved in testing and helping to develop it) thought it was something really special, and while there are emulations on other operating systems, as far as I know this is the only one available on linux.
The hardware on which it is based remains some of the most sought-after vintage equipment and originals or modern replicas can be found in most serious professional recording studios. As you have discovered, all EQs have a different characteristic sound, and the PEQ-2A (and original Pultecs) are distinctive in having the ability to boost and cut the low-end at the same time, to give that ‘signature’ Pultec sound which has appeared on many great recordings

Did I say it already ? :slight_smile: The PEQ-2A is A MUST HAVE!!! Come on linux users, go buy it, and allow LinuxDSP to work out some more like that! It won’t happen without an income, you know …

Dear linux dsp … you’ve been very clear, and I encourage you to continue the work you are doing now because in your plugins are the best available for linux. I also spoke of your plugin on my blog because they deserved it really.
I will continue always hoping to find some of your work in future versions of ardor to see the birth of a more complete daw …
with respect to an analog interface, like, I dislike most, and are definitely better than the plugin without interface to load on the host, but those are your “too analog” who lose the intuitiveness of the typical digital :slight_smile: xo are personal tastes.
Melodyne does not respect you even an idea of how they can have done?