linuxDSP FC70 - Fairchild 670 limiter for linux updated.

linuxDSP FC70 V1.0.3 for linux is now available. This is a free update for existing users, V1.0.3 includes improved font rendering using antialiased fonts, GUI optimizations, DSP improvements (same great sound) and a fix for issues with some debian packaged versions.

LV2, JACK and linuxVST for 32 and 64Bit, Ardour3 compatible.

Demo / Update at:

A mono version is still on the ‘to do’ list - once the backlog of updates is cleared (there’s also some ‘behind the scenes’ work having to be done to provide (future) compatibility options for different non-X11 display servers, which in a sense, I hope will not be needed, but is at the same time a drain on limited resources)

I love this… didn’t notice any issues on my machines… BTW … any chance of a sidechain coming on the VC2B in that backlog (even just as a standalone version would be nice…)…