linuxDSP Fairchild 670 limiter plugin update

The linuxDSP FC70 limiter has been updated - this is a minor bug fix, affecting only the linuxVST versions of the plugin, discovered while porting the plugin to Windows VST.
Input gain can be incorrect on first loading the VST plugin into a session in some host applications, until the control is clicked - provided that the plugin has not been loaded previously. This obscure bug is unlikely to affect anyone but has now been fixed.

This is a free update for anyone who already has the plugin, for anyone who hasn’t tried this yet, now is an ideal opportunity to try this superb emulation of one of the most sought-after vintage compressor / limiters (at a fraction of the five figure sum needed to purchase the genuine hardware). Plenty of information about what goes into emulating this (and other) classic hardware in the digital domain is now available on the linuxDSP website.

I miss looking inside and seeing glowing vacuum tubes, too.

See LinuxDSP isn’t authentic to the original!


/me flees


^^ On his to buy list actually.

…And after V1.0.1 came V1.0.2 - it seems this issue went a little deeper than first thought, and could also cause some occasional clicks and pops if the LV2 plugin was added to a channel while audio was playing. While some vintage hardware can cause odd clicks and pops when switched in and out of circuit, this was not something we actively wanted to emulate in this case…

The problem is now fixed in V1.0.2

Ricardus, you can always buy a replica at around $4,000… :slight_smile: one day I might, for the moment this is working very well for me… bought the fc70 with the peq-2a last night and resampled some drum machine sounds … the combination fattened it all up beautifully … so I’m really posting here to say thanks…