linuxDSP DYN4000 Plug-in Released

Modelled on channel dynamics processing from one of the best-known British recording consoles, the DYN4000 plug-in comprises compressor / limiter and expander / gate sections, with soft-knee compression and gate threshold hysteresis. The compressor includes switchable fast attack, variable programme dependent release and auto make-up gain. LV2 and linuxVST versions available to download at

Tried the demo and loved it instantly, so I bought it. Very nice, very smooth. I’ll be using this to replace the CALF and Invada compressors I’ve been using.

hi guys, thanks for the insights, I purchased the plugin and will try on a set recording soon… @ linuxdsp of course you re right, the “we fix it in the mix” approach never led anywhere on sound recording. for me I d need more a little dialog improvement than a dialog “cleanup”. @ seablade thanks for the info, I ll check some other OS plugins / solutions for that specific task I sometimes need but also not on a daily basis…

V1.0.1 (Rev B) is now available, as a free update. This is an important update which improves some functionality and addresses an issue affecting the soft-knee behaviour:

  • Bug fix - compressor soft-knee now functions as intended.
  • Compressor / Expander Release controls aligned better to OEM front panel markings.
  • Optional 'DAW' mode - re-aligns the auto gain makeup for typical DAW levels, while retaining the virtual analogue ref. at -18dBFS.
Free update at:


1:2 ratio wouldn’t be bad for it. I am usually between 1.5 and 2 myself when dealing with things like MRGate(Via Wine or other OSes). It is certainly worth trying. But yes a true multiband expander would be better, which is similar to what MRNoise is really(Again Wine or other OSes). But to be honest cleanup is one of those locations I have become convinced a destructive workflow is likely a better solution. Especially combined with very good tools like Izotope RX, unfortunately the copyright protection on it means you won’t be able to run it via Wine at this time.


I’ve just taken the plunge and purchased this. I’m looking forward to some experimentation with the plugin! At about $35 USD it’s cheap enough to support folks doing the dev work even if it ends up being a niche tool. I’ve got hardware that I’ve spent more on that I hardly ever use, so I don’t mind going out on a limb for the $35 it cost.

Now all I have to do is find some time to work with it!

So close to a true expander with selectable ratio.

I may still pick it up though.


@seablade: Yes but it’s even closer to the channel dynamics from one of the best-known and legendary British consoles, not only that but it’s been designed and developed by (including myself) two former engineers, of many years experience, from the company which made those consoles - which might have enabled some technical insight? :slight_smile:
and its available for linux - is that not enough!? :slight_smile:

(linux audio users, please wake up to the potential of what you have here… the like of which you may not see again)

Of course, for those with serious money to spend there’s always something like this:

Think ill have to be making a purchase soon! just need to figure out how to work out how much i can claim against my tax


Heh you took my comments in the wrong way I suspect. I am not knocking at all what it is and what it is capable of. Just that what I am looking for and label as a true ‘expander’ is a bit different, this has nothing to do with yourself as I see this labeled as an expander all over the place. I also am certainly not going to disagree with your capabilities or the value of it, as I said I will probably still pick it up, as I have no doubt it accomplishes it’s job great:)


@seablade: I hope it works well - the design on which it is based has certainly proved effective over many years for a great many engineers on a great many mixes! :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, in other news…
Unfortunately, and with impeccable timing… it seems we are currently having some issues with our website, which is entirely the fault of the webhosting company we use (or most likely will no longer use if they cannot demonstrate some basic competence and satisfactory technical support very soon) - linuxDSP hasn’t gone away (quite just yet) and we hope normal service will be resumed soon…

…and we’re back - apparently.

do you guys think the expander is here is useful for dialog “cleanup” despite the the fixed ratio of 1:2 ?

hmm reading a bit about it guess what I d need is a multiband expander like the c4… ;( maybe one day there s a expander - upgrade on your brilliant MBC2B :wink:

@calimerox: The expander / gate has (historically) found a lot of uses in cleaning up e.g. drum tracks on live recordings etc, reducing spill between tracks - and properly used it will give much more punch to drums etc. Used with the compressor it is possible to construct some complex and versatile multi-stage dynamics. I think cleaning dialogue sets up a particularly difficult challenge for any processing, it depends what you want / need to do, but there are a lot of cases where ‘location’ (film) dialogue is (re)dubbed later for precisely these reasons.

great news, especially the expander section for me, thanks for this linuxdsp!!