Linux to OSX session transfer = flawless.

I just want to say that I was very impressed with how well OSX handled opening my sessions created, recorded, mixed, you name it, on linux. Plugins, automation, everything was retained with absolutely no errors. Wow. Very impressive guys. The only problem was ardour could not connect to one of my input connections (because it doesn’t exist on my mac). So what does ardour do? It automatically switched input to an available source. Freakin’ awesome. As soon as MIDI editing and recording is ready and that AU plugin crash thing is good, I’m going to be an even happier sound engineer.

Ardour has got to be one of the best DAW’s out there. Well worth the 45 dollar donation on my part. Keep up the good work dudes! I do have yet another question though. How do I sign up to sponsor the MIDI editing feature down there in the right hand corner of this page. I got 50 on it, I just need to know where to commit to it.


No, it is absolutely not worth your while. We have instructions for the OS X build but they are nearly always slightly out of date. The central problem is that you need to patch GTK (the GUI toolkit we use) and our patch is rarely totally current with GTK itself. Believe me that you have much, much better things to do with your time.

Would it even be worth my time to try and cross-compile ardour from linux for mac? I ask because I’ve had better luck building certain things for windows from linux. Just wondering. I can’t even get ardour to configure properly… I keep getting pkg-config: command not found. Even though I have it installed and I can run pkg-config manually. I’ve been fiddling with the SConstruct file but that thing is like a foreign language to me.

yeah… thats what I figured. Thanks! I’ll wait patiently.

Nevermind… I figured it out.


on my side, it’s nicely the same good experience apart
the waveforms disapeared in arrange window.
Function “view waveform” in “view menu” don’t change that


fanch - you probably used a PPC mac and an intel Linux machine. Just remove all the files in the “peaks” folder inside the session folder, and they will be rebuilt (it may take a while). the peak files are used for waveform drawing and their contents are, unfortunately, processor dependent. if you moved between an intel mac and an intel linux machine, there’s no problem.

hi Paul,

you’re right about the PPC Mac
many thanks for the information!

windy regards from Brittany (we have a gale warning here)