Linux Show Player - lsp


I’m using linux show player with ardour. I send the cue on a track in ardour, passing by jack.
I can select the input “other” and then lsp left and right output and it works. But when I stop the cue, it’s automaticaly disconnect the input lsp and it connect automaticaly the input on the master bus the left output of lsp.
It is a problem with lsp or ardour?

I don’t know. I don’t know lsp well enough to know. That sounds like the problem audacity has when using jack. It creates the port only when it needs it and then removes it when finished. If the port goes away, Ardour has no way of keeping connected to it. Does lsp have other choices? Could you use the pulse-jack bridge and set lsp to use pulse rather than jack? The pulse bridge stays around even if the application feeding it drops it’s port. (that was the route I finally went with audacity)
Anyway, check on the jack graph if lsp’s ports disappear when the cue stops. If it does, that will be the problem. I personally would call any jack aware application that does not create all it’s jack ports on startup and then keep them there until the application ends, buggy. (it is ok to create new ports when adding a track or something, but not to create/remove ports depending on if there is audio flowing or not)
The other way around this problem is to use something like jack-plumbing (might be in the jack-tools package) which will connect ports according to what they are named. I don’t know the utility well enough to give more help on that though.

Ardour won’t dis-connect any audio-port by itself. It certainly seems like a LiSP issue. It actually seems intentional in [1]. To be certain you could try with another jack client.

To work around this qjackctl’s patchbay can help to automatically re/connect ports, or jack-plumbing that @lenovens mentioned already, or ask upstream. There is support for making jack-connections in linux-show-player in the linked source:


One of the problem is that LSP doesn’t appear in Jack graph (I’m using catia).