Linux "obvious equivalent" to Izotope audio clean up tools

Well, I’m starting looking to create a consistent workflow with just free software. Which tool / tools are natural alternatives to Izotope de-noise, de-click, de-crackle, de-click?

There are some stock plugins for Audacity… is it possible to run those .ny files in Ardour?

Many thanks.

When I remember correctly, there’s at least a denoiser inside audacity.

EDIT: Sorry, should have read the whole question. :grin:

I once used the ReaPlugs from Reaper, which include a FFT Filter that was able to apply noise profiles to filter noise from audio. AFAIK there’s no native linux plugin available, but i read somewhere, that it’s possible to use under Linux (maybe with wine?)

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Not free, but I just got the Acon Restoration Suite VSTs, and they work great with wine & yabridge.

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Look at this video from Unfa regarding a plugin called “noise repellent”

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