Linux noob can't find the inputs! X32+Ardour

Hi there.

I’ve just built a Linux comp running Elementary OS 6.1 Jolnir and I’ve got a new Behringer X32 rack and I’m running Ardour, also ‘new’. I can drop loops in and I have just recorded from the main outs of the X32 but I just can’t seem to find where to choose say inputs 1+2 (the TR8s) on the mixer. I’ve been into ‘audio/midi setup’ and ‘audio connections’ and I just can’t find anywhere that offers me the hardware inputs on the X32 despite is saying ‘xUSB’ in the AMS pane. In the Audio Connections manager all I see is main in 1 and main in 2. On the X32 I can add channels to the USB card and they will then show up in Ardour, main 3 etc, and although I haven’t tested it I’m assuming I can route audio in the X32 to these card channels and it will then be recorded in Ardour. Is this how it should be? When I was running Cubase on the Mac, Cubase addressed the inputs on my interface directly without having to do an extra step of sending audio to special ports or whatever. I expected to hit ‘shift +e’ then in that left pane there would be a drop down list of inputs and I just choose the right one.

If someone could clarify the architecture for me and point out where I have gone wrong, that would be great.


You need to load X32-Edit from Behringer. Linux version runs great.
This will help you route things properly.


Hi , I noted X32 !!! I have got one of those ones too. Works great for recording .

Running Linux Suse Leap 15.4 32 gig ram . OS is installed on SSD NVME drive .

Routing is a bit of a nightmare. It is my understanding ,with the upgrade there is apparently great functionality but no manual.

the problem I have is , so far I can not utilise the X32 FX features . How do I rout them in ? … per channel. help would be much appreciated

cheers from Down Under

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