Hello I am very newbie in LINUX and sorry i understand very few about this OS, in general it boring me, less I do better is much time to create with software. Well I buy a mini mac because vista make close to the nervous breakdown. So I decided to defenitvly go to OSX for my work and for curiosity going to see what happen in Linux world, by installing it on my PC laptop and desktop.

The i have downloaded a Ubuntu studio 10.04 ( i think i download a x86 and my old pc is an atlhon does it bad¿)

The after few request i understood using synpatic, and install ARDOUR.

the problem is : I have a message error who said I cant launch Jack or audio system because it already in use… something like that

Well I am a bit confuse cause it s first i ma runnig the software just for watch…

If somebody know an issue it interresting me a lot, cause i am motio designer ans I have sometime to do samll audiowork for postsynchro with video… I guess it s possible to do this kinf of stuff with ardour, isn it…

Thanks for help

PS . I have similar trouble with Cinellerra if some knows somme issues, its welcomne too, and firewire not recognized, lol finally a planty of grave problems

Download the latest i386 distribution opensuse linux from and then install ardour from . all required packages should be installed as well, all you need to do after that is set the permissions for the realtime on /etc/security/limits.conf (# man limits.conf) for more information. i hope these info are helpful to you

you have to run the jack soundserver to use ardour. did you start jack in the beginning, before ardour? if jack is not working out of the box, this is a problem of the ubuntustudio distro, you have to do some config already discussed in many threads here or in ubuntu help pages

and cinelerra: if you want to get video from tape to your harddrive via firewire, use KINO!
cinelerra is great for editing video, for “grabbing” it from mini-dv or somehting it just doesnt work