Linux Multi-Track Apps.

I’m looking for a decent multi-track software package, possibly with a drum machine mode or extra package that incorporates with it. I would like to use it on a Linux O/S. Most likely Lindows, ubuntu, or SUSE 9.3.
Do you stock such an item or is there one even made. I’m looking for a middle of the road app., not as expensive as say ProTools.
Let me know,
Bill Sheehan

I guess no one has dignified this with a response yet, heh.

First of all, Bill, there isn’t any media production app on Linux that I can think of that costs in the ball park of Pro Tools, (Apple Shake is still available on linux for $4000 I believe ;-p).

But seriously, I guess you’ve tried ardour. If you really need a drum machine “built in” (and I can’t see why you would when you can use JACK and synchroinise transport between ardour and Hydrogen), then ardour is indeed not for you. Rosegarden can be used with DSSI synth plugins, not sure if a drum machine is available. LMMS incorporates a drum machine but for serious work it is frankly laughable at the moment. If you’re willing to spend money and lose freedom, then may I recommend EnergyXT2 (google it to find the website, can’t remember at present), which I have an works very well as a replacement for apps I used to use for songwriting. For serious recording work, Ardour is the absolute business.

Finally: I’m a suse user… and suse 9.3??? Why consider that, when we are currently at openSuSE 11.0 (which is frankly a brilliant distro). Lindows doesn’t exist anymore to my knowledge.