Linux Installation

Any easy way to install the latest Ardour via the terminal? So difficult to find current instruction - perhaps a sticky post with just this instruction would help - please help

If you get ardour from, we point you at a URL with the instructions:

what is your linux distro? But for the latest ardour you would need to download it from the website in most cases and not use the version from the repositories.

Good point sitevest - it might be nice if the download page had the Linux install instructions on it once downloaded.

Paul - it might be worth putting the first_time_linux link on this page : for easy reference :slight_smile:


The link is displayed to EVERY person who downloads Ardour. It is not on the initial download page because at that point we don’t know what platform you’re interested in. But we show you the link and stronly request that you read it on the very page you get to in order to start an actual download. This is true for all platforms.