Linux From Scratch...

Hey I’m trying to get an ardour installation going using Linux From Scratch… Has anybody done this??? IF so I’d really like to talk with you. Forums are just to slow for the amount of questions I have. Perhaps they aren’t but I’d rather talk in real time… my AIM screen name is AxeTota… if anybody wants to help. If not thats ok to.



I should mention that I’m currently just trying to get alsa and jack working… I can build the alsa-drivers and modprobe it in to the running kernel. but when I go to ./configure jack it says “Build with ALSA support… : false”

So I did some research and found an email from paul to someone else saying that its probably because the development package of alsa is not installed… well I’m doing a LFS so there aint any packages… I looked in /usr/include/sound and bunches of what look like alsa header files are present… I’m lost… lost in the abyss… 10,000 leagues under the sea… you get my drift… thanks

As mentioned on the Support page, you can find many ardour users and developers on the #ardour channel at, via an IRC client.


I’ve built my whole home studio with a modified linux from scratch (an nALFS profile is ready). I’s still experimental, but it’s getting better every day (and it’s still beter than any music oriented distribution out there, since it’s all custom, nothing like a layer a music packages over a crappy redhat :wink: ).

If you’re interested I can send you my profiles so you can take a look. If you’re interested, we might also build a project out of this. I’ve already done most of the work, so it could go quite fast.

Send me your email address to mobarre(at)gmail(dot)com.