Linux ardour launchkey 49 midi map

Thank you for the wonderful software ardour. I just recently found about it.

Sorry for the noob question. i searched the forum. didn’t find any answer.
I have a launchkey 49 controller. I see that its keys can be mapped in ardour The Ardour Manual - Generic MIDI Binding Maps

but from Ardour preferences dialog under “Control Surfaces”, i don’t see Novation Launchkey 49. I only see novation launch control and launch pad. How do i select launchkey 49.

i do see “” under /usr/share/ardour8/midi_maps
But it is not showing up in the Control Surfaces

Thank you in advance for any help

Select ‘Generic MIDI’ and then ‘Show protocol settings.’ You will find it in the MIDI bingins menu.

Thank you @DonJaime

i set it to “Novation Launchkey 49”. But i notice that the volume does not change, if I move the volume fader on the keyboard. Do you know if there is a way to control instrument volume from the keyboard? Also if there is a way to change instrument using the keyboard, please let me know.

If you open the file /opt/Ardour-<version>/share/midi_maps/ you can read the comments.

There are 9 faders mapped there, I guess 8 for the tracks and one for the master.

Thank you @Piergi

I found that my Novation LaunchKey 49 faders send signal 71 - 79
But the default map file had different values (41 - 49). I got them to work by updating the map file and restarting ardour

Is there a way to change the instrument as well?