Hi all, this is the second song I made with Ardour on Linux. By recording this one, I finally realized I can completely drop Windows-based DAWs. Thanks to all those involved in the project!

The drums are sampled and “sequenced” in Ardour, no Hydrogen at all. Mixing with LADSPA plugins and Ardour automation has been a joy. And the best of it was using Jamin and Ardour in realtime and being to tweak the mix WHILE mastering.

And here’s the song. If you like it, leave a comment and make me happy.

Very nice song, again! In my opinion it would be better if the snare was more present in the mix, and the vocals too. The guitars sound great! but maybe they wouldn’t have so much presence and let the voice sound louder. Also, I hear the kick drum a bit too loud, or maybe it is ok and it is the snare which is too low. Don’t take this too seriously, I am totally amateur, and it’s a few months since I began with ardour and now I am producing some songs by my band. Anyway, keep up the good music! I understand some of the lyrics by the way, sometimes I feel like the inspiegato of your song :o|

Thank you Pablo! Maybe you’re right about the mix, it’s not perfect but oh well, given my limited time is “good enough” ™. See you at the next song :slight_smile:

I like the song! Just a suggestion, though: on the vocal track you could try putting a high pass filter at somewhere below 100Hz throughout to get rid off some of the “pops” that appear every now and then.

Hi tgoose, the sad truth is I don’t have an “anti-pop” for my mic. While recording the song I went to a shop to buy it, but it wasn’t available. So I just went ahead and recorded without it. And it shows… An hi pass won’t do, it’s already there.
Anyway i’ll buy it before recording another song, promised!

zarlino - great job on the drums - they sound very believable. If you hadn’t said they were sequenced, it might be possible to overlook…I really like your guitar sounds as well - very full. Mine always sound weak, despite EQ and effects. Very nice.

Thank you Jeebo! You’re the first one that notices the drums; yeah I spent some time in crafting them.
For the guitars simplicity is the key. I plugged my Ibanez JS1000 (coil split pickup setting) directly into my Marshall and recorded using a condenser mic (i lack a dynamic mic, but the condenser seems fine). Then in Ardour just applied the SC4 compressor and simple EQ, shelving out “too highs” and “too lows”.