"Link panners" default on Foldback busses?

I just noticed that the Send Routing preference to link Aux and External sends didn’t carry through to the sends that were created when adding a Foldback Bus and then adding multiple channels to it. They were created as unlinked. Perhaps this is because Foldback creates sends through different logic than that used when sends are created on tracks?

The place I looked for a solution was in the Send Box menu - which handily sets gain to inf or 0db for all sends. I was hoping to find a “link panners” option in that list.

Is there another way to accomplish this? I’m setting up a 25 channel mix-minus foldback array and am looking at a lot of right-clicking to set each foldback send individually. Not the end of the world but I thought I’d check for a tool before I settle in.

This is somewhat hidden and sadly not discoverable. Double-click on the panner knob on the foldback links the panner.

They are by default not linked to the route’s panner. I’m unclear about the motivation, but the person who conceived and implemented Foldback busses made it explicitly so:

I’ll ask Len, perhaps a preference for the default is acceptable.

Ah! Robin to the rescue. I’ve done 10 of them and my wrist is demanding a break. So… When I show-sends and then double-click the panner on a send, no change. When i double click on the panner of the whole bus, nothing happens. Am I ‘Doing It Wrong’? :wink:

Oops I’m so sorry. It’s right-click on the small pan knob on the foldback bus (not double-click). The color also changes to blue in that case. The upper panner is linked, the lower one isn’t:


If you have to do a lot of them, and are comfortable with editing files in a text editor, edit the .ardour session file (it is text/XML) and “search/replace”




Ahhh… that’s the ticket. My wrist thanks you, I thank you… And especial thanks for the XML tip, that makes my day.

As I think about it, Preferences for all of the Send Box drop-down options would be a huge time-saver when creating large foldback arrays like this.

You. da. man.

Just a note for those who follow. Be careful in the XML.


appears in LOTS of places in the file. Including lots of places that aren’t part of the foldback section. So a global change from 0 to 1 on that phrase is likely to cause surprises. I’m gonna stick with the GUI for this project.

Every track/bus has a hidden monitor send (to the monitor-section), those are linked by default. Normally only the foldback sends are unlinked. So it’s safe to link them all, unless you have explicitly unlinked some aux-sends.

Awww… Lookit all them purty linked panners! woohoo! Thanks for the reassurances. Global change did the trick.

Thanks some more.

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