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Some good news and some bad news: I started a subscription to Ardour today and in addition I sponsored a ticket I opened in the bug tracker. However, I forgot to log into the Ardour website first, so the subscription isn’t associated with my username. Also, I think this also means the money for the bug tracker sponsorship won’t get processed. Is it too much trouble to link my account to the subscription or would I be better off canceling and creating a new subscription? I know Drupal administration is probably the last thing you want to be dealing with right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ian Young

Cool. Glad to help out.

There is, perhaps unfortunately, no link between drupal/website accounts and subscriptions. There are no hidden sections of the website open only to subscribers, and thus there is no real need for such linkage. I have full records of all subscribers (by email address/paypal address) should it ever be necessary for verifying information. Bug sponsorship is also not linked to either drupal/website or paypal (its a very basic system at present).

Thanks very much for your support of my work.


I’ve been subscriber for about six monthes (and very glad and proud of it) and regular user of Ardour on Linux and Mac for two years.
Thank you for this challenge !
Just one little problem with my profile : I think I had never logged in on this site before today : I don’t find any login anymore. The problem is I wish I could download the full 2.8 version for OSX but my Paypal adress is different than the login of today. I don’t know if it’s clear, but how can I fix it ?
Thanx for your answer.
Best wishes,

PS : my Paypal mail address is

I subscribed without being signed in here. Since many people may do this then why have that info about whether you are subscribed or not in your account? Although it is essentially of no relevance, at least at present, I think it’s something that may simply cause unnecessary confusion.

It is of relevance now, it wasn’t when Paul wrote that message;) Namely it is of relevance now in particular if you are an OS X user, then yes you should have those accounts linked as it will allow you to download the version of Ardour on OS X with AU State Saving. You can email Paul about this and he can do it.